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CHD Quilt Project

Quilt # 35

Honors the following individuals

Row 1:  Cody Tarver, Jude T. Stephey, Harrison Thomas Pitre, Landon Dayne Bell, Matthew Bennion Reynolds, Peyton “Clark Kent” Williams
Row 2:  Charles Thomas Ivey, Douglas Neal Ratcliff, Maeghan Elizabeth Edwards, Colton John Sullivan, Nicolas Aiden Fiaschetti, Cody Robert Calvert
Row 3:  Alexander Joseph Kaplan, Kylie Raven Busch, Lexi Annelease Hayes,  Maclain Ryan Grieb, Jordyn Cathryn Turner, Madeline Murphy
Row 4:  Cort Stevens, Katelyn Christine Steffen, Nell O’Hagan, Samuel Jason Bocanegra, Logan T. Lee, Miles Eustice
Row 5:  Jayce Jones, Trinity Terese Kempker, Jeremy Matthew Kostelnik.
Logan Sprole, Mollie Rose Hatcher, Matthew Adrian Valle-Garza
Row 6:  Gregory Jon “Ice” Lusignan, Noah Daniel Hummer, Trista Snow Lawler, Brody Rae Trader, Noah Kai Hughes, Andrew  Reddick
Row 7:  Jacob Darren Peterson, Chaney Warner Combs, Caroline Raye Frazier,
Abigayle Marie Wardell, David Michael Piotrski, Travis Mendoza
The above quilt is a wonderful project by CHD Awareness Quilt Project.  This project makes quilts that honors CHD children and adults.  The quilt above has a little block for my Abby (Row 7).  There are 41 quilts so far and each block is made to honor each individual.  At the CHD quilt website you can view all quilts made, register someone you know with CHD to have a block made for them, see where the quilts are on display or will be on display, shop for cute little heart items that support CHD awarness, and more.  Check out this great website!!


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